Frequently Asked Questions


General Queries:

  • Free Weekly external backup service worth Rs4999/year is available with VENUS Unlimited and Jupiter Unlimited master reseller hosting plans. PURCHASE TODAY


  •  What is server Uptime?

We use one of the best networks in the places where servers are located. Its 99.9% Guaranteed uptime. Usually uptime is 100%. There is power backup available in all our DCs.

  • How Old is your company?

We are a 13 year old company. We are the backbone behind many larger web hosting companies, through our whitelabeled services. AWHI is our only direct portal where we sell same premium hosting at affordable prices for entry level customers and small & medium sized hosting companies.

  •  Why your prices are cheaper than others?

Our servers are located in our own collocated spaces in DCs around the world. We do not rent servers unlike other providers. We OWN almost everything we use. That cuts down the server running costs.And considering number of servers we run, it saves us several thousand dollars, and we transfer the same benefit to our direct clients. Our premium providers use our whitelabelled services where we offer them support as well as infrastructure and completely automate their businesses.

  • What do you mean by Unlimited?

Unlimited means virtually unlimited. All our shared hosting packages come with unlimited virtual resources like space, bandwidth etc. As far as your account is not causing problems for other accounts hosted on the same server or causing performance issues on the server, we do not bother any of our clients or resellers. 

  • Can I get private nameservers like , ?

Yes, we provide private nameservers guide to all our clients. All clients can create their own private nameservers.

  •  What are the payment options available?

You can pay by your Credit Card, Debit Card or Net banking. We accept CCAvenue payments as well as paypal payments for hosting. Click on Buy Now button below package name to place order.

  •  What is Server Config?

All our servers have minimum following config


2X3TB Hard Disks

1GBPS / 1000MBPS Connectivity

Unmetered Bandwidth

Dual Xeon/i7 Processor



  • There are no operator's available online, and no one is available on the call, can I still place order?

Yes, absolutely. You can place order anytime. Our whole system is automated. You have to just click on Buy Now buttons, and it will take you to the cart system. Follow onscreen instructions, and place order. Upon payment, immediately check your email, you will have all your account details in email.


  • You are not located in my area? can I still make purchase?

Yes, absolutely. In Web Hosting our location or server location doesn't matter. What matters is that your sites are online and visible to clients, you are getting good support and your account is activated instantly. We have all three. So you can start your purchase right away.


  •  Can I upgrade my packages later on?

Yes, you can upgrade your packages anytime. You will have to only pay the difference amount between two packages. Like if you are purchasing a package of Rs500, and you wish to shift a package of Rs2500, you have to pay only Rs2000 to us.

All upgrades are instant.

  • What is the benefit of going with you instead of other bigwigs?

There are several reasons

  • We are a completely whitelabelled platform.
  • When you purchase from some other company, chances are if they charge more than us, you may end up using our services only, by paying higher prices. If someone offers at lower rates than us, then you can decisively ignore such providers, as they are either a scam or they will just run away with your money. As we are running probably the most number of servers in the entire industry and costs are least for us. No one should be able to sell at our comparable costs.
  • We are much better priced than any other company providing same level of service
  • 24X7 Support with Best Response time in the industry, in house technicians
  • Instant Account Activations – Your account is setup in minutes, no matter what you order
  • Much Better Servers : We create beasts, unlike other providers who are either running it from a small VPSs or low end dedicated servers or are resellers. We have our own servers, we can make changes on the server as per client's demand if approved, and our servers are beasts.
  • Each of our server can host around 30000 sites, but we never overload the server, and close it down as soon as we find that there is even a slight compromise in the service delivered.
  • Certified Technicians : All our technicians are certified by respective Control panel companies, unlike other providers who hire freshers, or are One Man Army.
  • One of the most affordable quality host : We never say that we are cheapest, because if someone is providing it at too cheap, there are only 2 implications, either they are resellers of someone, or they are going to run away with your money, and are talking sweet only for your money. At our end , thats not the case, we will be with you in the same way as now, and as forever. Its well known that AWHI own their servers. We at AWHI are providing you at the best possible price. Selling below this price is not possible by any provider. So be cautious with those ultra low cost providers.


  • I am purchasing a reseller account from you, can I create multiple cPanel/Plesk accounts for my customers?

Yes, in reseller hosting you can create different control panels for each of your customers. You can assign them resources as per your choice from your reseller control panel. You can create different package for each of your customers.


  • How do you provide support?

We provide support 24X7X365 via our client area. Technicians are available 24X7X365 in client area to answer your queries. We have got one of the best response time in the industry. All tickets are answered within few minutes to few hours, depending on the depts and ticket queue.


  • What is the difference between Reseller & Master Reseller?

When you purchase a master reseller package, you can create resellers under you. Most processes are automated, and you can give space , bandwidth etc to your resellers as per your choice.


  • Which is better, Linux or Windows?

We always prefer Linux. Because of following:

  • Easier to use control panel – cPanel
  • More flexible
  • Better Performance
  • Free Site Builder to build your website
  • Better support for PHP scripts
  • 1 Click Cloud Support – Browse your sites at 200% Fast Speeds
  • Free SEO Tools : Easily list your site in all major search engines
  • Best performance for popular scripts like

Windows is good only if

  • You are a developer
  • You wish to develop your website using ASP.NET, MS SQL, MS Access support


  • Can Linux Hosting be accessed from my Windows / Mac Desktops?

Yes, absolutely. Web Hosting is completely browser based. So you will be able to access the Linux Hosting control panel cPanel from any web browser, like Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Opera Desktop browsers.


  • Can I create multiple control panels in Web Hosting/Shared Hosting / 5 Years web hosting packages?

No, these are single control panel single/multiple domain hosting packages. You get one control panel to manage all your domains. You can purchase a reseller web hosting account, if you wish to create multiple control panels.

  • Can I create multiple control panels in Reseller Hosting/Master Reseller Hosting?

Yes, you can create individual control panels for your client's domains in reseller and master reseller hosting.

  • I wish to sell WHM packages to my clients, which package should I purchase?

You can purchase Linux Master Reseller Package if you wish to sell whm reseller packages to your clients.