Why Us

Why Choose Us?
99.99% Uptime We are partners to a network of 7 datacenters in United States of America. All our datacenters are Tier III Datacenters. We guarantee that your website will be available on internet for upto 99.99% of time.
Instant Activation All orders are activated immediately after payment.
Fastest Support Ticket Response upport is available at your disposal 24X7X365.
High Configured Servers All servers have a minimum of 24GB memory, 2TB HDD, and are branded servers. All servers have a 1GBPS uplink.
Up to date softwares All softwares are updated to their latest stable version as soon as they are released.
Qualified Technicians All our technicians are qualified to address any of your hosting needs. We have our own support team and do not outsource it unlike other providers.
Root Access on All servers We have root access on all our servers, so all your support requests are resolved in time, and we do not have to ask any one else to resolve your issue.
Largest, Finest, And Specialist Master Reseller Hosting Provider We specialize in all types of reseller hosting packages. We provide our master resellers and resellers a platform they can trust upon to build their business. Master Resellers & Resellers have priority support and get completely white labelled service.
 White Labelled Service  All our services are completely white labelled, means your clients will never come to know about us. All the domains used in Server DNS are privacy protected and doesn’t reveal any company name.
 Private Nameservers  All Resellers & Master Resellers get their own nameservers to provide service to their clients, like ns1.yourdomain.com , ns2.yourdomain.com
 Affordable, yet best in class  We are affordable than most other providers because we have our own resources, not because we compromise in quality. Our services are business centered and we believe in keeping every client happy.
 Lots of freebies with all plans  All plans contain lots of freebies like Site Builder, Email, Databases, Subdomains
 Truly Unlimited Plans  As we have our own resources, all our plans are truly unlimited. We have no capping on any plans
 Free Transfer Assitance  We will help you move out from your existing painful or high price host. Our technicians will simplify the process for you like just uploading and downloading on internet. Same applies for our Resellers & Master Resellers.